Theory Offers Accessories For Men And Women

While the perfect outfit, consisting of a shirt, pants and a pair of matching shoes, are considered to be an important element when it comes to the world of fashion; accessories also play a part in fashion trends. Accessories are often considered to be just as important as the outfit as it complements the outfit, while also adding additional functionality the perfect can use in some cases. This is why many fashion brands not only focuses on designing clothes and shoes, but also launches a range of accessories as part of their fashion lines. One fashion brand that does an excellent job at this is Theory Women's fashion wear, who first started out with a range of business pants, but soon expanded their collection by launching a variety of other clothing items and accessories that are worn with their outfits.

Accessories For Women

Accessories are often more commonly used by women. Jewelry, handbags, and many other fashion items are added as accessories to an outfit in order to add more class or fun to the look. Theory offers a wide range of accessories that have been specifically designed for women. The most popular accessory for women by the brand is currently their unique transformer bag range. These are shoulder bags that can easily be customized to the woman's liking. Women can choose between an existing combination or even build their own transformer bag if they do not find any existing combinations to their liking. Creating a custom transformer bag is quite easy - simply choose a pouch, attach a strap and then add more pouches to the original. There are many variants that can be used to create the perfect transformer bag.

Apart from their transformer bags, Theory also features a range of crossbody bags. There are two variants, including "The Whitney" and "The Perry". Both designs are elegant and are featured in different colors and textures. For the woman that prefers a more sophisticated handbag, a range of satchels are also offered. They also offer a variety of other accessories for women, apart from their selection of different bag collections. This includes a variety of lady belts, a collection of classy shoes, handy gloves, scarves, and hats.

Accessories For Men

Theory does not only cater to women, but also has a range of accessories that are specifically designed for men. They do offer a large number of different male accessories, which have been tailored towards different styles. Whether a man enjoys waring casual items or rather professional suits, these accessories will complement any type of outfit.

Similar to their bag collection for women, Theory has a wide selection of bags designed for men. This includes a series of backpacks, totes, carryalls and business bags. The brand also offers a range of different small leather accessories for men, including classy X-Stitch wallets, card cases and smooth leather pouches that can be used to store various items, such as credit cards and money. In addition to these items, Theory also offers a range of professional ties, hats, scarves and gloves that have been designed with masculinity in mind.

Mother of Pearl Resort 2017: Now is the Time to Soar in the Spotlight

A Mother of Pearl woman (click here) is not just pretty and dainty. The brand emphasizes the tough and independent side of today's female species in its Resort 2017 collection. Frills and flowers are mainstays in the up and coming collection. However, a sporty androgyny is mixed with the enduring aesthetic of innocence. This is what makes the label a strong name for individualism.

Mother of Pearl Inspiration for Resort 2017

The brand's main designer, Amy Powney, finds her inspiration of the hard edged, sporty, and androgynous woman in Mark Borthwick's 90's fashion photography. The collection shows off its softer side with the highlighted Victorian boarding school looks. Some of the referenced features include uniforms and ginghams, frills, ruffles, and bows. This feminine aesthetic is mixed with the more masculine aesthetics of overalls and smocks. Combine vintage athletic wear and the Victorian fashion complete with charms and pearls embellishment and you get fashion treasure.

Take a look at some of the Designer Mother of Pearl 2017 pieces emphasizing subtle subversion with an intrinsic sense of freedom:

Zetta Shirt

The clean white long sleeved blouse takes you back to century-old fashion with a modern twist. Imagine lace and buttoned down design and match it with a printed trouser in gingham. The look is vintage inspired outfit that is perfect for all occasions.

Garrett Coat

The coat in check pattern shows off the sporty androgynous side of the collection. It shows off the breasted aesthetic with long sleeved features. The coat is ideal for all layered looks that you can match with a gingham top, black trouser, and embellished black pearl sandal

Malvina Dress

With a more gothic look to it, the dress is fun and trendy in wild daisy patterns. The prints are combinations of bursting colors of orange, white, and beige on black canvas. The tulle sleeves and breasts give it a dainty look while the laced hems and black turtleneck neckline offer a more edgy and hardcore finish.

Emeline Jumpsuit

Masculine meets feminine in this seamlessly blended ensemble. The black jumpsuit with deep V neckline and under the knee length is a perfect match for a long sleeved paisley top in ivory. The Mother of Pearl dainty and clean top design shows off the black hemmed neckline and the black ribbons that accentuate both sleeves.

Rosemary Dress

The ivory dress with Cupid prints is a show stopper. It comes with a relatively longer sleeve with flair hems and ribbon accents. The red neckline is a seamless contrast to the print and the much lighter palette of the dress this outfit is best matched with a mini tote and pearl embellished sandal.

Mother of Pearl introduces other fresh and amazing designs for its Resort 2017 collection. There are floral printed jumpsuits, laced long sleeves, monochromatic jumpers, tops, and trousers to choose from. Enjoy an edgy and fresh new look with the brand's unique design aesthetics. Browse more unique and eccentric 2017 fashion pieces from the collection for all age groups and style aesthetics.